March 2016

A blog in which pictures tell a thousand words.

It’s publication day, which means I did a lot of anxious fretting this morning about what I should say on social media to share the news without coming across as too much of a bare-faced self-promoter. I love scrolling through timelines, but I don’t do it often – certainly not when I’m flat out writing as I am now – which means it’s always very obvious when I’ve been asked by my publisher to plug a book using my ‘social feeds’ (a term that always makes me think of trays of canapés). I usually sidle onto Twitter and Facebook a few days before the novel comes out to see how the land lies, favourite lots of things (that’s the easy part – I end up scrolling around for hours wondering why I don’t do this more often), make a few excited comments about neglected friends’ posts and then maybe post a photo of the dog to make up for the brazen launch day ‘tra-la!’ that’s coming. If you are a Fiona Walker friend or follower and you see a photograph of an elderly Weimaraner on my timeline, you’ll know that publication day is nigh. Here’s this year’s (eagle eyed blog readers will spot that I’ve added a cat for variety):

The thing that hampers my social media skills even more than my self-effacing Britishness is our terminally slow rural broadband speed. The only streaming that goes on around here involves the girls pulling on wellies to splash in the brook at the end of the garden. I used to love the idea of posting a regular vblog to share writing tips and news, but I was put off when my first video took about three days to upload onto YouTube and crashed every time the neighbour tried to watch Netflix – and that was when we lived in Worcestershire, with four times the speed we have here at the Forever House.

And yet social media is ever-more about being visual and writers are increasingly told: ‘Don’t tell people what the book is about – show them!’ The written word is now squeezed down to a strap-line beneath a constant feed of images, far too many of them taken in mirrors whilst standing in the bathroom in pants. I’m always fascinated by the loos in the background; the Margot Ledbetter in me wants to tweet back asking them to close the lid and fold a point on the end of the loo roll next time. But there’s no getting away from the modern maxim that a picture not only tells a thousand words, it’s quicker to share. Unless, of course, you live six miles from the nearest telephone exchange.

This may take me a while, but in the spirit of publication day ‘tra-la!’ing, I’ve got a few pics to share with you which I hope help to illustrate what The Weekends of You and Me is all about. It would actually take a hundred and twenty images to sum up the story on the thousand-word-to-a-jpeg ratio, but I have to leave something in the pot for the return of the pet photo countdown in August when the paperback comes out.

The Weekends of You and Me is an unashamed love story:

I hope it’s a classic one.

For women of all ages.

Who like a good laugh.

And who like a sexy hero…

…a really sexy hero…

…that loves dogs.

You can buy The Weekends of You and Me now by following this link to ebook and this one to hardback. Please, if you feel able to,  review it, share it, retweet it and post about it. I’d love my words to have a chance amid so many pictures. Those of you who are brilliant at such things have my eternal gratitude. But I hope it’s not too old-fashioned to wish more than anything that this big love story is simply read and enjoyed.


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