June 2015

The Woman Who Fell in Love for a Week has shrugged off her hardback dust-jacket and is beach ready – now out in gorgeous, holiday-friendly paperback, hooray! Along with the percussion of flip flops, the scent of suntan cream and the shimmer of a heat haze over a Saturday getaway traffic jam, the lure of the holiday read burning a hole in one’s bag is a heavenly sign of summer. And this one is bursting at the suitcase seams with love and laughter.

Whatever your plans this summer, I really hope you enjoy escaping with Jenny Rees in her sun-scorched week of high jinx, finding love the second time around. You can read an extract here – and the Amazon click is here. Or, if you’re anything like me, you’ll trolley distractedly past it in the supermarket, reverse thinking ‘that looks good for the holiday’, throw it in, and then find yourself reading it addictively whilst unpacking your shopping an hour later, then in bed, then during your lunch-break, then in the car waiting for school pick up, then in the bath. I’m crossing my own bath-wrinkled fingers that The Woman Who Falls in Love for a Week joins you on the beach, by the pool, on the train or in the garden. Wherever you find her, I hope Jenny becomes a friend and ally, and that her story moves you and makes you laugh.

Lots more news from me soon. For now, may the sun shine, the days be long and happy and the books you read take you to the best places imaginable. I hope The Woman Who Fell in Love for a Week is amongst them.

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