January 2015

Great excitement here. My latest novel, The Woman Who Falls in Love for a Week, has been soft launched today, a term which makes me imagine it floating gently towards readers on a lilo or hiding amongst the furls of a duck-down duvet, although it’s mostly winging its way through cyberspace, because it’s now available as an e-book as well as in hardback for anybody who wants to dive in without delay. The fabulous new cover which will star on the front of the paperback is still under wraps for now, so it’s currently dressed in its Antipodean dust jacket, which is a fitting touch given that there’s an Australian twist to the plot. The book nevertheless has a quintessentially English setting, a heavenly old rectory that my heroine Jenny is looking after while the owners are away on holiday. Action takes place during a heat-wave, and as I hug the dogs for warmth whilst typing this, I can think of nothing I’d rather escape to than a scorching summer day. I hope The Woman Who Falls in Love for a Week whizzes your way on its virtual lilo if you feel the same. The magic Amazon links are here and here. Dive in!

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