The Love Letter: Can fate be signed, sealed & delivered?

fiona walker the love letter

The wait is over. Fiona’s fabulous new novel, The Love Letter, publishes on 26th April and is available for pre-order now. With a brand new cast of characters, an intoxicating Devon countryside setting, a huge helping of romance and lots of laughs, we guarantee you’ll fall in love with The Love Letter.

When Allegra North parted from first love Francis after a decade together, she poured all her regret into a letter. He didn’t reply. A year later, her job brings her back to the beautiful Devon coast where romance first blossomed and she hopes that they can start a new chapter.

As summer storms circle, the exes juggle rebellious parents, vengeful family members and a very reluctant celebrity author who holds the key to everybody’s future . . .

Can fate be signed, sealed and delivered? Find out in The Love Letter, a wonderfully warm comedy of mistaken identities, new loves and old flames.

Click here to read the first chapter.

To celebrate publication of The Love Letter, we’ll be running exclusive competitions including the opportunity to win copies before they hit the shops and an exclusive romantic weekend away in the beautiful Devon countryside. Check back soon for more information.

And don’t forget to download Fiona’s first ever exclusive eBook short story, Sealed With a Kiss, available from 30th March.


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  1. Maureen Pumfrey says:

    I have got The Love Letter on pre-order from Amazon, cant wait to read it….. As for Sealed with a Kiss, I will be ordering it right now…. I have a Kindle and really like it, but I like to have proper books to keep…. If I have an author that I really like, ( Yes I have all of yours :-) )then I want to collect those books and read them again and again.

    • Fiona Walker says:

      Thanks, Maureen… lovely to know you’ve pre-ordered, hooray. I’m sure I’ll end up buying ‘books to keep’ just like you once a Kindle finally lands in my mitts. I also think I’ll feel terribly guilty for all the ‘electronic’ books I never get around to reading or start and don’t like. At least I can donate the physical ones to charity, but what does one do with unwanted Kindle editions apart from delete them? It makes bodies of work seem so transient. I can’t imagine handing my daughter my battered Kindle in twenty years’ time saying, ‘I loved this, darling – let me know what you think.’ Whereas I still borrow books from my mother to this day… xx

  2. Helen STeel says:

    I can’t wait for this new book! It’s all very exciting! I too have a kindle, and although it’s great for holidays etc I don’t think you can beat holding a book, and you can’t take a Kindle in the bath!!
    I love the covers – kiss Chase was my first Fiona Walker book, believe it or not I bought it as I really liked the cover (yellow one with the bed & feet poking out) I loved it and have been a follower ever since! I love the way that lots of the books are interlinked, the lovely families and their villages and the characters, it’s fantastic to remember all the characters from the previous books, it makes you want to read them all over again! Pure escapism!! Keep up the good work Fiona!!

    • Fiona Walker says:

      Thanks so much, Helen! I now too have a Kindle as predicted, and am already a convert for travelling, but love my chunky paper bricks on the bedside too much to give them up. So delighted that you liked the Kiss Chase cover…I loved those early ones, too, although I always worried that the man with the biker boots and the bare-legged girl on Snap Happy had no bodies… x

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